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Xylan® Uses

We offer the following most commonly used Xylan® coatings: 1424, 1425, 1427, 1010, 1052, 1014, and 1070. Xylan® is a dry film lubricant designed for use on various types of OEM components, fasteners and bolts to prevent corrosion.

Xylan Coating Uses
Xylan® 1424 Xylan® 1424 is an environmentally-friendly, VOC compliant coating that reduces make-up and break-out torque by up to 70%. Similar to Xylan® 1014, this waterborne, low friction coefficient lubricant has high resistance to abrasion and corrosion, and is ideal for caustic environments.
Xylan® 1425 Xylan® 1425 provides dependable bonding lubrication for extreme heat (up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit) and harsh chemical environments. This waterborne, dry-film lubricant is similar to Xylan® 1052 and ideal for high pressure, low speed applications. 
Xylan® 1427

Xylan® 1427 is a waterborne dry film lubricant which provides extra corrosion protection for use in extreme environments. This coating was formulated to provide protection from a broad spectrum of chemicals and corrosives.

Xylan® 1010 Xylan® 1010 is an abrasion-resistant lubricant, ideal for corrosive and high heat environments up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit. Furthermore, this PTFE lubricant has a low friction coefficient and can be used on any wear surface.
Xylan® 1014 Xylan® 1014 is a low friction lubricant, similar to Xylan® 1010, but contains a higher percentage of bonding resin which allows it to provide a less porous, more abrasive-resistant, glossy finish.
Xylan® 1052 Xylan® 1052 provides strong bonding lubrication for low-speed and low-wear applications. Furthermore, this dry-film lubricant is able to withstand extreme heat up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit and high pressure environments.
Xylan® 1070 Xylan® 1070 is a low friction coating with high corrosion resistance to oxidation at high temperatures. Similar to Xylan® 1427, this PTFE coating is ideal for leak prevention for tanks, valves, vessels, etc. in harsh environments.

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