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FEP Coating

FEP (fluorinated ethylene propylene) nonstick coatings melt and flow during baking to provide smooth non-porous films with excellent abrasion resistance. Because the coating is non-porous its chemical resistance is superb. FEP coatings are extremely non-wetting and have a very low coefficient of friction. This coating has excellent release properties and is often used as a mold release coating. FEP coating is typically applied to a thickness of 1-2 mils and has an opperating temperature of 450°F. 

One of the most popular uses of FEP coatings is for industrial non-stick applications or any application needing a food grade coating.

Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP) Coating Statistics
Tensile Strength (ASTM D1708) 3400 psi
Elongation (ASTM D1457) 325%
Impact Strength (ASTM D256) No break
Hardness (ASTM D2240) 56 HB (shore D)
Abrasion Resistance (Tabor) 14.8 mg
Coefficient of Friction (ASTM D1894) .12-.20 static, .08-.3 dynamic
Dielectric Strength (ASTM D149) 1325 volts per mil
Use Temperature 450°F max
Melting Point 500°F
Thermal Conductivity 1.4 BTU-in/h-ft 2-°F
Chemical Resistance (ASTM D543) Excellent
Salt Spray Resistance (ASTM B117) Good
Water Absorption (ASTM D570) <.01%
Thickness .001" - .003"
Fluorinated ethylene propylene nonstick coating

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