Petrochemical Corrosion Protection

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Fastener, valve, pipe, and mixing equipment corrosion protection is a necessity when it comes to petrochemical processing. Metal Coatings Corp's extensive line of innovative coating materials prevent costly equipment breakdown and production downtime while maximizing personnel safety. Conventional fastener coatings in hazardous & corrosive environments tend to produce uneven, rough surfaces that fail to evenly tighten sealing joints and expose crew members to dangerous chemical leaks. Metal Coatings Corp’s advanced product line of applied coatings create a precise, uniform protective barrier on petrochemical facility equipment, protecting it from all forms of corrosion.

Metal coatings for petrochemical industry

Corrosion Protection for Refineries & Gas Companies

Metal Coatings Corp. supplies fastener distributors and equipment repair teams with safe, durable and cost-effective coating services for petrochemical corrosion protection. These cutting-edge coatings provide resistance to corrosion and abrasion, while protecting surfaces from galling, seizing and other metal surface damage. Our high-quality industrial coating services for petrochemical equipment includes:

  • FlouroKote#1®: This high-performance coating is applied to various fastener types and grades to resist corrosion, chemical and abrasion damage.
  • Kynar® /PVDF: A coating primarily applied to chemical processing equipment. Unaffected by most chemicals and solvents, this thick film barrier resists weathering and is self-extinguishable.
  • Halar®/ECTFE: This impact-resistant coating can be used on equipment that faces a range of temperature extremes. It also resists organic solvents, strong acids and chlorine.
  • Ryton®/PPS: This thin film chemical resistant coating is ideal for mating surfaces that cannot function with a thick barrier coating

Metal Coatings Corp has four decades of coating expertise, and our teams strive to enhance personnel and equipment safety while offering superior, expedited service to combat corrosion in the petrochemical industry.

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