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Rust Proof Screws with FluoroKote #1®

Fastener coatings from Metal Coatings provide rust proof screws and corrosion resistant fasteners, nuts & bolts. Our unique fastener coatings ensure the corrosion resistant parts for the life of the use. The use of our exclusive FluoroKote#1 ® reduced the need for increased torque in running operations. Ease of application and removal are great when fastener coatings are applied before use. Learn more about the benefits of FluoroKote#1 ® fastener coating.

  • FluoroKote #1® Coating: our own proprietary fluoropolymer coating was formulated with superior characteristics for maximum fastener life and the easiest possible removal...even under the harshest conditions. For full details on FluoroKote #1®, click here.
  • Overnight delivery: a 24-hour coating staff is geared for same day or overnight emergency service on fastener coating services.
  • Maximum capability: 80,000 square feet of production space is dedicated to our ISO 9001 fastener coating facility, with computerized equipment yielding 50,000 pounds of product per day.
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Fastener Coating Materials
Fluoropolymer resin / lubricant blends that offer excellent corrosion protection
Xylan® a fluoropolymer that can extend component life
Molybdenum Disulfide friction reduction for high pressure loads
Epoxy, thermal cure excellent impact resistance plus corrosion and abrasion protection
Inorganic Zinc corrosion and weathering protection for steel
Phenolic ideal protection in low pH, high temperature environments
Phosphate ferrous metal coating for ani galling and minor corrosion resistance

Metal Coatings Corp. provides corrosion resistant fastener coatings for customers in many industries including the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Water and Food Processing industries.

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