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Metal Coatings Corp. maintains a huge stock of PTFE coated B7 studs, B7 rods and 2H nuts which are available for immediate delivery and sold only to fastener distributors. Our coated fasteners are available in a wide variety of sizes, each expertly coated with our Fluorokote #1 fluoropolymer coating process. This coating process offers easier assembly, fights corrosion, is chemical resistant and prevents seizing and galling. After extensive exposure to corrosive environments, our coated fasteners can be safely removed with wrenches without having to cut, torch or destroy the fastener during removal.

Pre-coated studs, rods and nuts from Metal Coatings Corp. are sold to fastener distributors only in our standard box or pallet quantities. Nuts are tapped oversize to allow for the thickness of the coating and add ease of assembly. Please click on a specific coated fastener below to find out our available sizes, box quantities and to request a quote.

Pre-coated studs, nuts and rods

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