Fluoropolymer Coatings vs Galvanized Coatings

cadmium-plated-galvanized-bolt-coatingsFluoroKote#1® ...holding the world of high pressure piping together.

Fluoropolymer coatings have many advantages when compared to galvanized coatings and cadmium plating. Hot dipped galvanized coatings and black cadmium plated bolts will freeze when subjected to the corrosive environments found in manufacturing plants, offshore oil rigs etc. Most often removing the nuts requires a cutting torch. With FluoroKote#1®, these same nuts and bolts exhibit easy on and easy off characteristics increasing worker safety.

Cadmium plated bolts and hot dipped galvanized bolts provide similar corrosion resistance, but do not compare to the lasting resistance of fluoropolymer coatings. These coatings have undergone the standard salt fog test (ASTM B117) and have been rated at 96 hours of corrosion resistance. With a FluoroKote#1® coated bolt that rating jumps to as much as 4,000 hours. The additional corrosion resistance allows fasteners to be disassembled quickly, saving lost down time and man-hours.

Fluoropolymer Coatings vs. Galvanized Coatings
Galvanized Coatings Fluoropolymer Coatings
Galvanized coatings freeze when subjected to corrosive environments Fluoropolymer coatings remain smooth & resistant when exposed to corrosive environments
Rated at 96 hours of corrosion resistance when undergoing a standard salt fog test (ASTM B117) Fluorokote#1® bolts have up to 4,000 hours corrosion resistance in same salt fog test
Short amount of time galvanized bolt coatings last in corrosive environments require more hours of disassembly Fluoropolymer coatings last much longer in corrosive environments, saving man-hours and reducing down-time
Galvanization results in an uneven and rough bolt surface, making assembly difficult Smooth yet strong fluoropolymer coatings make assembly using bolts coated with Fluorokote#1® easy and quick
Thickness caused by galvanized bolt coatings restricts tight, even tension to bolts Bolts coated with Fluorokote#1® provide even tensioning that is tighter and acquired using less torque

Galvanizing produces a coating that is uneven, rough and thick. The rough surfaces make assembly difficult and a tight even tension on each bolt impossible. If used in sealing joints such as flanges, heads or inspection covers, the inconsistent tension forms an uneven fit resulting in a high probability of leaks. With a FluoroKote#1® coated bolt, tighter more consistent tensions are achieved with less required torque.

The costs entailed with other bolt coatings, such as cadmium coating, can be staggering when factors such as man-hours, down time, safety and equipment damage are considered. Bolts coated with FluoroKote#1® prove to be longer lasting, safer and more cost effective than any other coated bolt.

FluoroKote#1® ...holding the world of high pressure piping together.

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