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Protective Coating Application Services

With 150,000 square feet of production space in Houston, TX devoted to the protective industrial metal coating of machined components, fasteners, assemblies and fabrications, Metal Coatings Corp. is equipped for responsiveness in the application of protective, non-sticklubricantchemical resistant and anti-corrosion coatings. Computer-assisted equipment as well as conventional spray, powder flock and electrostatic spray techniques are used to apply industrial metal coatings. Whether you are a local company in the Houston area, or located elsewhere in the United States we have the industrial coatings to meet your needs.

FluoroKote #1® Fastener Coatings

Out-performs standard fluoropolymers in protection from seizing, galling, friction and corrosion.



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Pre-Coated Studs & Nuts

Metal Coatings Corp. maintains a huge stock of coated B7 studs, threaded bar and 2H nuts. Available for same-day shipping in a wide variety of sizes, each is expertly coated with the proprietary FluoroKote #1® fluoropolymer coating process that offers easier assembly, fights corrosion and prevents seizing and galling. Coated B7 studs, threaded bar and 2H nuts are sold to fastener distributors only in keg/box or pallet quantities. Additionally, nuts are tapped oversize to allow for the thickness of the coating and add ease of assembly.

FluoroKote#1® Benefits

FluoroKote#1® possesses a low coefficient of friction which reduces torque requirements. When FluoroKote#1® coated fasteners are used, galling and seizing become problems of the past. Due to the absence of nut locking oxides after extensive exposure to corrosive environments, fasteners coated with our metal coating process do not need to be removed by torching, cutting or nut splitting. The easy on/easy off properties exhibited by these fasteners provide safe removal with wrenches. Lower your plant maintenance cost and increase safety by using FluoroKote#1® coated fasteners.

Industries We Serve

Metal Coatings Corp. provides a range of products and services that protect components and fasteners against corrosion, abrasion and chemicals. Companies know they can turn to Metal Coatings Corp. for the highest quality of service with the quickest turnaround time. We have expert coating staff on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with access to the most sophisticated computer-assisted equipment available to make sure your coating job is done quickly and effectively.

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