Industrial Chemical Processing Coating

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Industrial Chemical Processing Coating

Metal Coatings Corp. applies many different coatings used in the chemical processing industry. These coatings offer a barrier between the corrosion caused by these chemicals and the equipment being used for the processing. By using our coating services you will extend the life of your chemical processing equipment.


We utilize our 150,000 square feet of production space to provide customers the best possible coating options to meet every demand. Both computer-assisted and conventional spray equipment is utilized to provide excellent coverage and proper application.

Coatings for chemical processing equipment that we apply:

  • Fluoropolymers such as our own proprietary Fluorokote #1
  • Kynar/PVDF which is unaffected by most chemicals, solvents, and some acids
  • Haylar/ECTFE – is both chemical and abrasion-resistant
  • Ryton/PPS – excellent chemical resistance

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