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2H Nuts

Metal Coatings Corp. maintains a huge stock of coated 2H nuts. Available for same-day shipping in a wide variety of sizes, each is expertly coated with the proprietary FluoroKote #1® fluoropolymer coating process that offers easier assembly, fights corrosion and prevents seizing and galling. Pre-coated nuts are sold to fastener distributors only in keg/box or pallet quantities. Additionally, nuts are tapped oversize to allow for the thickness of the coating and add ease of assembly.

Fluorokote #1® offers superior corrosion resistance because of its’ three step coating process. Three coats are applied to the fasteners, first a corrosion resistant base coat, then an adhesion coating and finally a fluoropolymer topcoat. All coatings are essential to the long-lasting life of the fasteners. This PTFE coating provides the added benefits of a low coefficient of friction and good chemical resistance

FluoroKote #1® Brochure

2H Oversized Fluoropolymer Coated Nuts Keg Quantities
Item Number Item Description  Keg Quantity 
0500 CN'1/2 2H Coated Nut3300
0625 CN'5/8 2H Coated Nut1800
0750 CN'3/4 2H Coated Nut1000
0875 CN'7/8 2H Coated Nut650
1000 CN'1 2H Coated Nut500
1125 CN'1 1/8 2H Coated Nut350
1250 CN'1 1/4 2H Coated Nut270
1375 CN'1 3/8 2H Coated Nut200
1500 CN'1 1/2 2H Coated Nut150
1625 CN'1 5/8 2H Coated Nut120
1750 CN'1 3/4 2H Coated Nut95
1875 CN'1 7/8 2H Coated Nut80
2000 CN'2 2H Coated Nut65
2250 CN'2 1/4 2H Coated Nut48
2500 CN'2 1/2 2H Coated Nut33
2750 CN'2 3/4 2H Coated Nut25
3000 CN'3 2H Coated Nut20
Stock of coated 2H nuts

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