Inorganic Zinc Coatings

Anti Rust Spray Coating

Inorganic Zinc coatings when applied to blasted steel provide excellent anti-rust spray coating corrosion protection, weathering protection, and very good resistance to salt water and resistance to solvents. Inorganic zinc coatings provide excellent anti-rust corrosion protection when used in chemical plants, refineries, and coastal or offshore installations. This coating can provide even better corrosion protection when a topcoat is applied. Inorganic zinc coatings is compatible with epoxies, phenolics, acrylics, silicones, and many other coatings.

Inorganic Zinc Coating Statistics
Use Temperature 800°F max
Chemical Resistance (ASTM D543) good
Salt Spray Resistance (ASTM B117) 4300 hrs @ 2 mils DFT
Water Absorption (ASTM D570) < .01%
Color Flat Gray
Thickness .001" - .003"
Adhesion (ASTM D4541) 1500 psi
Slip Coefficient (ASTM A325) .668
Hardness (ASTM D3363) H pencil

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