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Corrosion protection for water treatment facilities is handled best with the use of FluoroKote#1®. These facilities require dependable corrosion protection for their equipment and fasteners. Metal Coatings Corp. provides unmatched service and expertise in corrosion protection for the waterworks industry. 

Metal coatings for waste water treatment

Our proprietary FluoroKote#1® coating was formulated to maximize longevity and easy removal of fasteners under the harshest conditions. Because of its durability and corrosion resistance, this revolutionary coating process helps lower maintenance costs and increase personnel safety.

Fasteners used in drinking water and sewer systems are subjected to corrosive environments. Corrosion can cause standard plated or galvanized nuts and bolts to rust or fail, making them difficult to remove. When this occurs, disassembling requires additional man hours for torching, cutting and nut splitting. In contrast, FluoroKote#1® offers superior waterworks sewage corrosion coating protection and proven durability, making it ideal for coating stainless steel fasteners and T-head bolts used in underground waterworks service.


Waterworks industry professionals also enjoy the following advantages when they choose Metal Coatings Corp’s exclusive fluoropolymer fastener coating process:

  • All orders are checked for cure, thickness, adhesion and overall coverage.
  • State-of-the-art computerized automated systems ensure precise and uniform coating thickness.
  • Advanced equipment keeps production costs down, allowing products to be competitively priced without sacrificing quality.

The cost of conventional fastener coatings can be staggering when you factor in man hours, down time and equipment repairs. However, with Metal Coatings Corp’s exclusive FluoroKote#1® process, you can rest assured you’ll receive the highest quality, most cost-effective and toughest coating available on the market today.

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