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Metal Coatings Corp. provides a range of products and services that protect components and fasteners against corrosion, abrasion and chemicals. A number of industries trust Metal Coatings Corp. to provide the toughest coatings available. From offshore platforms to midstream pipelines, the demands of the oil & gas industry require first-class protection against corrosion & abrasion. Our proprietary FluoroKote#1 ® coating is a proven solution to protect fasteners against corrosion in the toughest offshore and petrochemical environments. For dry/solid film lubricant needs, Xylan®, Fluoropolymer and molybdenum disulfide are available. We also offer a range of industrial coatings for increased corrosion resistance, including epoxy, phenolic and inorganic zinc. Our fastener coatings, especially FluoroKote#1®, are the industry choice for protecting against corrosion. Kynar® and Halar® are also popular for outstanding chemical resistance. The common conditions of water treatment facilities are punishing to nearly any form of steel. Waterworks treatment companies know they can turn to FluoroKote#1® to protect their fasteners. Companies know they can rely on Metal Coatings Corp. for the highest quality service in the quickest turnaround time. We have expert coating staff on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with access to the most sophisticated computer-assisted equipment available to make sure your coating job is done quickly and effectively

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