Ceramic Epoxy Coating

What is ceramic epoxy coating?

Ceramic Epoxy coating is a unique abrasion resistant coating that protects by binding ceramic particles to a resin system, thus creating an encapsulating ceramic shell. Each ceramic particle is resin coated and becomes tightly packed in the cured film.

Ceramic Epoxy Coating Provides:

  • High abrasion resistance
  • Flexible film characteristics
  • High corrosion resistance
  • High dielectric strength
  • Low permeability
  • Class 1 fire and smoke rating
  • Machinable film
  • Acceptable for food contact
Ceramic Epoxy Coatings Statistics
(ASTM D4541, elcometer pull-off)
>3,680 PSI
Abrasion Resistance
(ASTM D 4060, Tabor Test 1,000 cycles, CS 17 wheel, 1kg)
27 milligrams loss
Surface Roughness
(Profilometer value)
20 Ra
Flexibility (ASTM D 522) 15% elongation
Impact Resistance - Direct
(ASTM D 2794)
50 inch-pounds
Thickness .005" - .010"
Use Temperature 300°F max
Static Coefficient of Friction
(ASTM D 4518)
0.152 mean static
friction value
Dielectric Strength
(ASTM D 149)
>1,750 volts/mil
(>68 volts/micron)
Salt Spray (ISO 7253) 6,000 hours
Cyclic Corrosion (ASTM D5894) Pass
Fire Rating Over Steel
(ASTM E84-91a)
Smoke Density-Class I
Flame Spread-Class I
Chemical Testing
(ASTM G 20-modified to 30 days at 75°F/23.9°C)
HCI in H20: pH of 2.9
HF in H20: pH of 2.9
H2SO4 in H20: pH of 2.1
NaCI (10%) + H2SO4: pH of 2.9
NaCI (10%) in H20

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